As you may have heard, there is now a second lake in Stearns County that is infested with zebra mussels.  Clearwater Lake was recently discovered to have zebra mussels.  Watab Lake was already identified as having zebra mussels. Please communicate with your lake association members the need to follow the State rules which will prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.  All the rules can be found in MN Statutes 84D

Briefly, any dock, raft or boat lift should be out of the water for 21 days before being put into another body of water. All boats should be clean of vegetation, mud, debris, mussels, etc., before launching.
When leaving a water body a person must drain water-related equipment holding water and live wells and bilges by removing the drain plug before transporting the water-related equipment.  The boat plug must be pulled out and any water drained during transportation.

It is not inevitable that all our lakes become infested with aquatic invasive species.  They are spread through human action and, if everyone understood and followed the protocols, we could stop the spread.

Susan McGuire, Stearns County Environmental Services